Fusion of Cultural Music: Ruan, Sindhen & Gamelan Workshop


What is the Fusion of Cultural Music – Ruan, Sindhen & Gamelan Workshop?

Our culture defines our root, our heritage and our ability to connect. The workshop provides an introduction of the Chinese ancient instrument Ruan, Sindhen (female solo singer who sings with Gamelan) and Gamelan with hands on experiences and audience participation in the composing of a new a fusion music piece with the musicians. Participants with their own relevant musical instruments are encouraged to bring along during the workshop.

The workshop comprises 6 key segments that seeks to equip participants with:

· Introduction of Ruan, Sindhen & Gamelan

· Technics and Trend with Live Demonstration

· Fusion of Cultures

· Interactions with Ruan, Sindhen & Gamelan

· Live Music Composition with Participants

· Questions & Answers

Our objective.

Fusion of Cultural Music – Ruan, Sindhen & Gamelan Workshop provides the platform for inspired musicians to interact and learn up-close and personal from professional musicians.

Who should attend?

Young and inspired musicians who has a keen interest of Ruan, Sindhen & Gamelan and wants to contribute to the preservation of cultural music. Professional musicians and educators who wish to find out more on the fusion of cultural music to complement their teaching curriculum. New audiences who are curious and wish to have a taste of how cultural music can inspire them.


1. Welcome Piece

2. Introduction of Ruan, Sindhen & Gamelan

An insight into Ruan, Sindhen & Gamelan for better understanding of their respective history, revolution and contribution to the musical scene.

3. Technics and Trend with Live Demonstration

Demonstration of various technics and its application based on past and current methodology with demonstrations by respective speakers.

4. Fusion of Cultures

The creation process of musical pieces based on Ruan, Sindhen & Gamelan and how they can complement each other. Sharing of experiences and how the fusion of cultures will benefit the community.

5. Interactions with Ruan, Sindhen & Gamelan

Participants will break up into groups based on their interest and individual speakers will speak directly to them and will guide them on basic skills of their respective instrument. These skills will be applied for the next segment.

Note: Participants will be encouraged to bring along their musical instrument.

6. Live Music Composition with Participants

Participant will apply what they have learnt on the previous segment and the musicians will compose a new piece together with the participants.

7. Questions & Answers

An imitate Q&A sessions with the Speakers.


Neil Chua , Ruan Player, Composer, Producer | Singapore

Neil Chua is the first and youngest musician in Shanghai Conservatory of Music to receive a Master Degree in Music - Ruan (). He is also the first musician to represent Malaysia in the highly acclaimed OneBeat, a U.S. State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs exchange programme in 2014 to interact, educate and promote Ruan () to students and musicians from around the world in the United States of America. Neil’s ability to bond different cultures into his music led to an invitation to participate in the Silkroad’s Global Musicians Workshop 2015 by Cello Maestro Mr. Yoyo Ma where globally minded musicians engaged in learning from one another’s traditions and incorporating them into their own artistic voices. Neil is also the Founder of Ruanatworkz Musical Arts, a non-profit society which promotes traditional culture, music, art and other form of traditional values.

Peni Candra Rini, Composer, Singer | Indonesia

Peni Candra Rini is an accomplished composer, educator and one of few female contemporary vocalists performing Sindhen, a female soloist style of singing. Strongly committed to preserving and sharing the musical traditions of her country, Peni has collaborated with acclaimed artists from within and outside Indonesia, including Robert Wilson (USA), Albert Chimedza and Mbira Centre (Zimbabwe), Geisser Mazzola Duo (Switzerland), Kamal Musallam (Dubai) and Gilles Saissi (France). She has performed at major festivals including Harare International Festival of the Arts (2008, 2011, 2012), APPEX Bali (2010), Lincoln Center White Light Festival (2011), Jeonju International Sori Festival, Korea (2012), ASEAN Enchanting Puppets Festival Chiang Mai, Thailand (2013), APAM 2014 (Australian Performing Art Market) and WOMADELAIDE Festival 2014. In addition to her extensive work as a performer, Peni is also a lecturer at the Indonesian Arts Institute in Surakarta, Central Java.

Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble, NUS Gamelan | Singapore

Singa Nglaras means “relaxing lion” Formed in January 2004, the ensemble is managed by Dr Jan Mrázek of the Department of Southeast Asian Studies. Members of the ensemble are mainly NUS students, alumni, and faculty members, together with many non-NUS members of the public.

The Ensemble’s primary motivation is the relaxed enjoyment and appreciation of gamelan music. While we take relaxing seriously, we also believe we can enjoy gamelan music more, appreciate it better, and ultimately enjoy ourselves better, if we penetrate into the more advanced aspects of gamelan music and play more complex musical compositions.

The Ensemble plays and rehearses on one of the largest sets of Javanese Gamelan in Singapore, Kyai Tunjung Laras. This set is housed and maintained by the Department of Southeast Asian Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and is also used for teaching university modules that feature practical lessons in Gamelan as well as other workshops for the public.

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Sat Aug 5, 2017
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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